Cool Runnings 2


Welcome to the official website for the
Jamaican Bobsleigh Federation in North America.

The Jamaican Bobsleigh Federation is the governing body of the sport of bobsledding in Jamaica.

In 1997 the Jamaican Bobsled Team selected Evanston, Wyoming as their North American training base. Winston Watts, the Jamaican team Captain from 2002, has come out of retirement and will be representing Jamaica at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.


It’s been Crazy but…

Since Leaving Evanston Wyoming to head to Sochi, Russia it had been a crazy wild ride and the Jamaican Bobsled Team hadn’t even made it on to the track.

They arrived at Sochi but their luggage hadn’t and so they missed a day of practice. Finally the luggage showed up but there was protein powder in everything after customs opened luggage for a look and failed to close the tops. Winston Watt got a practice run in with powder in his eyes but still he kept his cool as Winston is known to do when the chips are down.

The team got to be in the opening ceremonies where they were looking good and it seems that the whole world loves the Jamaica team. Why not they are examples of athletes who overcome almost impossible odds to be part of the elite. They just never give up and everyone loves determination and hard work and these guys are examples of giving their best and pushing through the odds.


They even got a remake on their team song along with a video synched to go with the turns on the track and you can check it out above.

When they finally got to make their initial runs they had some bad spots on the run and ended up in 30th place going into the finals. Winston seemed a bit disheartened but in true winners form has vowed not to remain there. He said during an interview, “I want to show the world that Jamaica is still alive,” hopeful that a top-20 place still awaits. “I guarantee to slide faster tomorrow, and I love you guys, I love you all.”

Winston was concerned that people might think that the Jamaican Team is just a bunch of jokers as depicted in the movie “Cool Runnings” but he wants the world to know that they are serious athletes who have given their all.

I believe that we can speak for most everyone when we say, we already know you are serious, hard working athletes, you guys hit some snags, but you are part of the elite that made it to the Olympics and speaks volumes on it’s own.

So sure, it’s been crazy but… The Jamaican Bobsled Team is more than just Cool, they don’t give up and they are Awesome in their own right. They have every reason to be very proud because they are more than over comers.

We love you guys and here’s hoping your last runs will go great.

Send Off Party for Sochi

Friday, January 31st 2014

The Jamaican Bobsled Team is having a Meet & Greet at the ‘Legal Tender Restaurant’ located at the Best Western ‘Dunmar Inn’ from 5 – 7 p.m. Families are invited and the whole team will be there to sign autographs and let the folks from Evanston know just how much they appreciate their “Hometown Fans”.

Then from 8-10 pm they will be at the Legal Tender Lounge for some more meet and greet. There will be live music provided by ‘3-Card Monte Band’

Come on out and help send the Jamaican Bobsled Team to Sochi in style. This is your chance to be part of “Cool Runnings 2” and get some team memorabilia to help the team make expenses as not all funding has come through for them yet.

January 20, 2014 It’s Official

Just got off of the phone with Winston and he told me that they got the “official word” this morning from the FIBT, ‘Federation International Bobsleigh and Tobogganing’ aka the ‘International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation’ that the Jamaican Bobsled Team has qualified for Sochi.

As I mentioned in the last post, there are several fundraising events going on to get the team to the Winter Olympics. In just a couple of days since the team announced that they were short on cash to pay their way, the out pouring of admiration for the Jamaican bobsledders is very obvious. It’s truly “Cool Runnings 2”

People are helping team Jamaica at ‘Crowdtilt’ where they have already raised over $22,000 and ‘Dogecoin’ which is virtual coins similar to ‘Bitcoins’ (don’t ask me I just report the news here) where they have raised over 20 Million ‘Doge’ not sure how you pay with Dogecoins but hopefully there is an exchange for converting those to “real money”!

I have no idea of how the donations are going here at using the PayPal donate button that is on every page but I will try to get an update later today to keep you all posted.

Until then…. We be Jammin…


Here is another update.

Due to their qualifying to go to Sochi, the Jamaica Bobsled Team has had a lot of great articles and blogs being written about them.

Everyone’s happy that they qualified but the facts are that the funding isn’t quite here to pay for the trip yet. So with that being the big story at the moment and lots of folks linking their articles back here. We had a serious case of server overload with over 95,000 hits on Friday and almost 211,000 page views on Saturday.

About 2:30 a.m. on Sunday morning our server got a bit overworked from all the traffic to the website and we didn’t find out until we woke up. We had no idea that there would be so much traffic coming and we were simply unprepared. It’s amazing how much people love the Jamaica Bobsled Team. Here at MobiSeven we feel the same way, that’s why we sponsored the team with this website.

We want to apologize for the down time and let you know we have made some changes to the site and upped the bandwidth so that hopefully this won’t happen again.

On behalf of the whole team. We want to say thank you to those of you who have donated so far and although there is still quite a ways to go, there are several ways you can help support them.

We have the PayPal button on every page of the website but for those who would rather donate by mail (yes, there are still those who like to do that way) the address is:

Jamaican Bobsled Team
920 Main St.
Evanston, WY 82930

There are also some other ways to donate, you can get ahold of Winston Watt through the comment section here on this website if you wish, or there is a new unique way to donate using a virtual currency called Dogecoins. You can find out more here  or here.

Whichever way you would like to help, the team appreciates it and would like to tell you thanks in advance. Here at MobiSeven we want to say thanks also. All your visits have shown us just how much the world loves our hometown ‘Jamaican Bobsled Team’ we are very proud of them too.

Here’s some new photos.



Update; January 17, 2014 by Pete Bass

In this article dated 1/16/14 in the International Business Times, sports writer Dennis Lynch wrote a great update about Team Jamaica and how their hard work is getting them to Sochi. I just talked to Winston Watts a few minutes ago to tell him that the site has been going crazy with over 25,000 visitors so far today alone. It’s not even noon yet.

So here’s the deal, Winston says they are just days away from heading to Sochi and they need your support in getting there. The team needs sponsors and any amount will help. The link to the PayPal Donate button is on the right side of the page. To make special arrangements to help sponsor the team with a larger or corporate sponsorship, you may Send Winston and Marvin an E-mail by clicking this link, it will take you to a special page that lets you email him directly.

Here is Dennis Lynch’s article.

Led By 46-year-old Veteran, Jamaican Bobsled Team Poised To Compete In Sochi

After a 12-year absence from the Winter Olympics, the Jamaican Bobsleigh team look to qualify for the games in Sochi.

Unlike the most famous Jamaican bobsled team, the 1988 group that became the loose basis for the 1993 Disney film “Cool Runnings,” the 2014 team is just two men, whittled down due to the logistical and financial difficulties of getting the U.S.- and Jamaica-based team together.

Winston Watts, 46, came out of retirement to lead the team after a former teammate saw the good shape he was in back in 2010. Watts started his Olympic career in 1994 but gave the sport up after failing to qualify for the 2006 games. Watts is eight years older than any bobsledder who has ever qualified for the Olympics, Today says.

He has put up his own money to fly teammates to Evanston, Wyo., close to the Olympic track in Park City, Utah, where the team bases its operations. All the hard work has been paying off. The team placed 5th in the North American Cup race last week. They’ll need to place in the top 30 in the world to qualify for Sochi.

Watts and his brakeman Marvin Dixon are still scrambling to fund the expensive trip to Sochi, hoping that sponsors and the Jamaican Olympic Association will support them in the final push.

Read the whole article here…